Here’s a video clip of the boat ride back to the main land yesterday. This was taken while we were hugging the shoreline to avoid the larger swells. Later when we crossed the channel it got a lot worse. Our skipper did a nice job of easing the biggest hits though.

Yesterday we went to the market in Alotau. The food looked amazing.

These are buai (also known as beetlenut). People chew them with lime (the stone) powder and mustard (the string-bean looking things in this photo) and get a “high” when chewed. It’s kind of the local equivalent of chewing tobacco. It also stains your teeth red.
Fresh peanuts and cucumbers.

This morning we joined the women’s group for a sing-sing. The traditional outfits were amazing and you should have seen the amount of food (including live chickens!) they brought to donate to the pastors of the 22 local churches.

Flight number 7 out of 14. Last really early morning flight, hopefully (woke up at 3:45am).

Security at this airport was…interesting. I opened my suitcase to show the guard the inside. He asked me if I had anything dangerous. I said no, and he waved me on.

Six flights later and we finally landed in Lae last night. Got a good nights rest for the first time since the trip started.

The Lutheran Guest House in Port Moresby. We’ll be staying here starting on Tuesday.
It’s astoundingly beautiful here.
The Lae airport still has its original name from WWII: the Northern Australia Defense Zone Air Base.