One of the nicer places I’ve had the privilege to eat lunch.

This morning I took the path less traveled (it’s not even on most maps), and it paid off big time.

Sitting on a boulder near some rapids, looking across a valley with granite mountains in the distance.

It has been just over 3 weeks since starting the new job. The learning curve has been intense, but I love it. It has been like being at WWDC three weeks in a row.

I always look forward to learning new tools and development methods when joining a team. Gives me a chance to become a better developer.

Somewhat ironically, now that I’m working full-time again, I’ve become quicker at responding to support email for personal apps. Not because I have more time (I don’t), but because of changes I’ve made out of necessity.

The biggest help has been setting up an online knowledge base. Now if a question comes in that isn’t documented, the response first gets added to the website, and then a link is sent to the user. Subsequent responses are much quicker now. Wish I would have done this years ago.

18 years ago I started my own company, Gaucho Software. I’ve created my own apps, like Seasonality which has been written about in publications like the New York Times. I’ve also worked on contract-based jobs including the NCAA March Madness app, which won an Emmy. It has been a great ride, but recently I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a change.

Today I re-joined the corporate world and started a new full time position as a Senior Software Engineer at Doximity. I’ll be working on their iOS app for healthcare professionals. I’m excited to spend the next phase of my career helping make healthcare better.

Took my daughters (9 and 12) to a Today at Apple session called Code Your First App. They loved it! Starts with a SwiftUI tab bar demo app in Swift Playgrounds and they spend an hour customizing and adding features. This isn’t the first time they’ve coded in Swift, but to see their eyes light up as their code change is updated on the canvas is priceless.

I was wondering why my IPsec VPN was so slow between two endpoints running pfSense. Ended up changing the MSS cap from the default 1400 down to 1350 and now I’m getting 10x the bandwidth.